Friday, November 25, 2011

Quality Assurance

Shieff Services has launched a new Quality Assurance Program. Quality is a key aspect to great customer service and our number one focus. We want to ensure your customers receive quality service by giving you a direct method to communicate any concerns or issues to better improve customer satisfaction.

A 24/7 dedicated phone and email address will allow you to contact us if you have any concerns. The Quality Assurance program connects you to the right person the first time for clear communication and quick resolution.This program is an opportunity to identify problems and strengthen customer service.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Outsourcing Myths

By Charise Stevens
Marketing Director, Shieff Services Inc.
August 19, 2011

Outsourcing has gained a bad reputation over the past decade due to misconceptions. Perceptions of outsourcing often embrace that only large companies outsource decreasing flexibility, control, quality. Many people consider outsourcing as a resource utilized only during financial distress. However small businesses to corporations use outsourcing as a competitive advantage and growth.

1) Only big companies outsource
Outsourcing is not limited by an organization's size but is often determined by the business model. For instance, a complex business model consists of many strategic and tactical levels. This system often delays decision making and reduces flexibility. The complex business model can utilize outsourcing for a specific task or purpose. A simple business model integrates multiple strategic and tactical functions allowing quick decisions and responses. The simple business model commonly uses outsourcing for multiple purposes such as administrative tasks, customer service and fulfillment. Depending on your business model, outsourcing can expand a single or multiple functions and purposes.
2) Lacks flexibility and control
Outsourcing increases flexibility by allowing scalability to meet fluctuating demand. Thus when your company promotes or launches, additional agents are quickly added to serve your customers at same service level. Control is especially critical to business leaders. Outsourcing center's daily summaries allow business leaders to monitor and control activities.
3) Loses quality
Quality is an important factor which must be improved and maintained to build customer relationships. Without quality service, customer loyalty decreases which causes your company financial losses. Measuring quality is implemented through monitoring chats, emails, live and recorded calls. The quality of an agent’s social and technical skill are observed and developed through training. Continuous agent performance feedback helps build quality and customer service.
4) Use only when facing financial problems
Outsourcing should not only be used when economically strained but when you desire to expand. Building a business provides many great opportunities but the costs and risks are high. Employee salary, benefits, taxes and equipment costs are expenses every company must understand. In March 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed employee compensation averaged $29.71 per hour. Wages and salaries averaged $20.67 per hour which consisted for 69.6% of compensation costs. Benefits averaged $9.04 and accounted for the remaining 30.4%. (" Employer Costs for Employee Compensation news release text") Equipment costs will quickly reach to many thousands of dollars for computers, software, wireless connection, headset and voicemail services. Business leaders must also consider the cost for employee space and furnishing. Outsourcing relieves the stress of employee operational costs and offers the opportunity to increase at a lower cost.

No matter the size of your business, outsourcing can be the right decision allowing you to achieve new success. It can supply flexibility and scalability to adjust to customer demands. Quality service can make or break a company, but by monitoring and controlling this factor agents will build customer relationships. Remember outsourcing is not only used during financial decline but for growth.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Leaders of Information Marketing Outsourcing

Information Marketing experience is often a missing factor in the outsourcing industry. Shieff Services has over 6 years experience in this field and continue to deliver quality customer service, answering services and fulfillment to the top marketers.

Most outsourcing centers train on the basic functions of your program, but fail to understand the marketing aspect and popular systems or methods. Customers can be instantly turned off and quickly loss business when a representative has little to no knowledge. 

Your customers are your most valuable assist to your business. We treat your customers as our own and take pride in offering superior services. Unlike other outsourcing centers we are experienced, customizable and scalable. During your launch we transform to give you the same quality level of service at high traffic levels.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Increase Your Leads By 68%!

How much money are you losing with each missed call? According to ABC Advertising, potential customers are 68% less likely to leave a voicemail. Phone communication is often the main source of revenue for businesses.

Missing a call is a lost opportunity and risks your potential customers from purchasing with competitors. Having a friendly live voice is critical to ensure you capture leads and keep growing.

If you are serious about maximizing your business and delivering the service your customers deserve, then it's time to partner with Shieff Answering Services!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Never Miss a Call!

An answering machine serves a limited purpose, but nothing can replace the experience of connecting to a live person. Never again will you lose a potential customer because they were sent to voicemail! Our trained team is ready to capture your leads and serve your existing customers.

When your customers call they expect to be served immediately, by communicating with an agent the customer is reassured you care. Choosing an answering service ensures they will continue to return to your business and refer you to friends and family. Customers will feel they are receiving quality service they deserve.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Did you know the average monthly cost for a full time employee is $2,080? Salary and benefits is only one aspect, you must also consider equipment and facility costs. Factor in training time, sick-leave & holiday pay, and payroll taxes and these costs increase significantly – and that only gets you one shift covered!

Shieff Answering Services
offers 24/7 overflow, after-hours, and holiday answering, as well as scheduling assistance and appointment reminders, all at an affordable, flat per-minute rate. If you need occasional after-hours or weekend help, you only PAY for occasional after-hours or weekend coverage.

Answering services eliminate the unnecessary expenses without sacrificing superior service.

Answering services gives your customers confidence that your company cares by delivering a friendly voice when you are unavailable. We treat your customers as our own and take pride in offering quality service. You will be able to sleep knowing your customers are being help with accuracy and timeliness. Flexible methods allow you to receive messages at your convenience whether it is by email, text or fax.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

How Can Answering Services Help You?

Shieff Services has just expanded our facilities and have launched a new service to help your growing company.

Business today often rely on answering machines to handle calls while they are closed or otherwise occupied. What many don't understand is that this "cost-saving" technique could be COSTING you revenue and customers because there was no one available to answer the call. How often have you gone with one company over another simply because a real person to answered the phone?

Our professionally trained team is ready to deliver quality call answering services by representing your company with courtesy, accuracy and timeliness.

How Can Answering Service Help You?

* Show your customers you care
* Reduce Operation and Staffing Costs
* Never Miss a Customer's Call
* Capture Leads
* No Sick Days
* Increase Customer's Perception
* Save Time and Money!

We understand each business unique; our services are flexible and customizable to each individual need. Shieff Answering Services offers many features including:
*24/7 Answering Service
*After-Hours Service
*Overflow Call Answering
*Holiday Call Answering
*Live Call Transfer
*Accurately Documented Messages
*Customizable Scripting
*Appointment Scheduling
*Appointment Reminder Service
*Order Entry and Processing
*Daily Reports
*And more!

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I look forward to hearing from you and helping you expand your business in 2011!